The Importance Of Process In Website Development

by Michael Carleo

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We find that clients approach us with website development needs in all shapes and sizes. However, one thing remains true – time is of the essence. Whether it’s a rebuild of a site or a critical launch for an e-commerce business, it’s critical to engage a partner that is able to deliver. What are things you should consider when approaching website development companies to get your project done quickly?

Project Management

Websites big and small benefit greatly when there is a project manager at the helm to make sure the process is running smoothly. The project manager is responsible for relaying your needs to the internal team clearly and efficiently, so those needs are met. A great project manager will hear your feedback and communicate that to his or her team. As a result, your milestones will be completed on time.

In-House Design & Development

All website development projects go through three phases: design, development, and launch. At Creatif Media Group, we pride ourselves on being able to offer full-service website development services. We house specialists in each of the three phases. Our designers craft beautiful and functional pages that then get flawlessly built by our web development team. Having all team members in-house can ensure the quality and speed you’re looking for.

Beware of Hourly Rate Projects

Have you ever been taken advantage of by a mechanic or lawyer? Well, this can be the same thing in website development. Most of the time, our clients don’t know how to design and code, and we have found that they come to us in a pinch after getting killed in billable hours from another company. Look for a company that will give you a project rate, so there are no questions about edits and revisions. Reputable companies have all of these situations built-in, so having a one-time project fee is more palpable for consumers, thereby eliminating unnecessary grey area.

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