How Audio Advertising Aids Your Marketing

by Michael Saulpaugh

Podcasting with Male and Female | Creatif Media Group

Following 2017, audio advertising on terrestrial radio, digital radio like SiriusXM or iHeart’s audio network, and podcasts has risen exponentially. In podcast advertising alone in 2020, revenues rose to over $700 million. These are staggering numbers and something that advertisers should keep in mind as they develop their 2021 marketing strategies. Despite video advertising through digital forums like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok on the rise, more consumers are continually listening to music, podcasts, playlists on Spotify, etc.

How can my business explore opportunities and pounce on getting my brand out there? Well, having a great “pitch” within a 15-second or 30-second spot can do just that.

Where Should My Business Advertise?

Discover where your target market is listening. An excellent place to start is on podcasts. There is a show for everyone, and more consumers each day are switching over to this forum to get their content. Spotify and Apple Podcasts make it very easy for you to advertise.

Do Listeners Listen To These Advertisements?

CNBC reported that 78% of podcast listeners did not mind ads in their podcast. 80% of people listen to the entire podcast in length. And according to MusicOomph, 69% of listeners reported that they heard about new products and services through those ads and subsequently purchased them.

I Need Help – Where Can I Record My Ads?

There are plenty of companies that can record reads for your brand. However, if you don’t know where to start with those ads, look for companies that can help produce, record, and place those ads in the correct spots. Stellar audio and messaging is paramount to providing value in concise time frames. Those opportunities to reach a massive audience must be adequately designed for optimal success.

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