Why is Account Management Important?

by Michael Saulpaugh

To understand why account management is important as it relates to marketing projects, we must first define the role of an account manager. An Account Manager is the individual who manages the relationship between the client and the agency’s internal team. This person is the client’s dedicated resource for all communications. They are there to establish the nature of the working relationship and help solve the client’s pain points, relay important information, and keep the project on track.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are three reasons why Account Management is critical to your marketing initiatives:

  1. Communication: This is paramount for any relationship, especially a business relationship. As the client, your Account Manager, at a minimum level, should understand your business and what it offers, it’s current friction points, and the marketing goals that you would like to attain. Great communication between you and the agency team will be the foundation for a successful partnership.
  1. Advocacy: Although the Account Manager may be an employee of the agency you’ve hired, they are there to be the mouthpiece for you and your needs. With an assigned Account Manager, you can rest assured that you have someone working and advocating for you, even when the “cameras are off” (that’s a nod to the now-popular virtual meeting).
  1. Dedication: The concierge service is no longer just reserved for the high end boutique hotels. Marketing Account Managers are in place to be your dedicated resource, anytime you need them. Have a random question pop up? Need something taken care of asap? Get your AM on it!

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