How to Market Your Virtual Event

by Michael Saulpaugh

It’s 2021, and we believe virtual events are here to stay. Sure, at first they felt wildly unusual, but having navigated the better part of a year learning new virtual solutions, digital events are, dare we say, the new hot thing? These types of events were born out of necessity, but now businesses can strategically use them for more reasons than just safety protocols. Don’t get us wrong…we’re looking forward to having live events back too, but we feel confident in saying virtual events have some significant pros, and they can have a serious impact if you market them well.

Follow these 5 tips to successfully market your virtual event:

  1. Create engaging, attention-grabbing graphics: use an event page as your home base, wherever you decide to house it. This is the page your potential guests will land before signing up for your event so you need to interest them enough to pull the trigger on registering. To ensure that your invite page is a one stop shop, include all relevant content like videos, pictures, and keynote speaker bios, as well as sign up instructions and payment options (if a paid event) so that your guests’ interest is piqued rather quickly.
  2. Let email marketing be your friend: email marketing is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience with the seamless click of a button. As of this writing, email marketing is ranked as the most effective marketing strategy – even more so than social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing.
  3. Give the sneak peak: much like the trailer to a new movie or TV show, an engaging sneak peek of what your guests can expect will be a crucial tool you can use to hook them. Assemble the avengers by tapping into your resources and network (employees, sponsors, friends, etc.) to create an engaging reel. You’ll want to focus on professional videography, imagery, and editing to get across the finish line.
  4. Use social media (on all platforms) to your advantage: Don’t let number 2 fool you. You’ll still want to promote your event by leveraging your digital channels to supplement your other marketing efforts to reach an even wider audience. Creatif is here for all your virtual event marketing needs.

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